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挑战 专业服务

You are probably highly educated and qualified in your field, but how much training do you and your associates receive in how to develop a successful, 越来越多的实践? 


  • Marketing and advertising not providing a steady flow of quality clients?
  • Exceptional service failing to provide repeat business and referrals that you deserve?
  • A lack of prospecting and new business development attitudes, plans, or skills?

销售 不是一个肮脏的词.

You can develop your practice in a professional, respectful manner.

您的业务操作可能围绕系统展开, 流程, and principles—but do you use any of these elements for new business development? 机会是, 你可能不那么舒服, 主管, or consistent 'selling' your services as you are delivering them.


'销售' can become a respectable and profitable part of your professional practice, without you or your colleagues sounding like 'stereotypical salespeople.你不需要采取高压手段, cost-justified, 包含功能/好处的演示, 或者围着潜在客户的摊位和反对意见跳舞, 或者试图“完成交易”.'

你可以整合同样的创意, 组织, 分析, and communication skills required by your profession into effective 流程 and systems to identify, 有资格, 并开发新的商业机会.


It’s one of the top statements we hear from legal, engineering, accounting, and consulting firms. We’ll help your firm create a business development plan that is as effective as you are at delivering your expertise.


At 桑德勒, we believe professional business development skills:

  • 让你对自己的事业和事业有更多的控制权.
  • Make you more valuable to your clients and your firms and increase net profits and income.
  • Make you a more well-rounded professional and help you get out of the office and the grunt work.
  • 让你做你喜欢的工作,实际上可以是有趣的!


学习如何创建一个有凝聚力的, 高度竞争的, 和生产创收的内部销售机器.



Must-have information for law firm partners and other professional service providers. “业务发展,实践发展," "client retention…"- no matter what you call it; you need sales skills to do it successfully!



桑德勒的 专业优势 是专门为解决态度而设计的吗, 行为, 以及对高效商业发展至关重要的技术. 我们的训练是对诊断的补充, 有创意的, 分析, and consultative personalities and skills of professional service providers. 销售 is a respectable and profitable part of your profession, and a necessary function of marketing and growing your business.

Develop a sales awareness, without the stereotypical salesperson image:

  • 推销你自己和你的想法.
  • 了解人们真正购买的原因.
  • 处理异议和“买家后悔”."
  • Conduct presentations that will permit the client to say “yes” without pressure from you!
  • 帮助你的组织发展更大的客户群.
  • Qualify prospective clients quickly and t在这里fore shorten the selling cycle.


了解如何 “买方系统” operates and how to avoid unpaid consulting; how to deal with money issues; and how to get a commitment and stay in control without offending your prospective clients.

桑德勒的 专业优势 will help you with account development strategies, management of existing client relationships and referral development, 以及网络和勘探活动.

的 program includes key lessons to business development success designed for the professional services industry!

  • 在前线

    Take an in-depth look at customer expectations and examine the tactics we employ to meet and exceed those expectations.


  • 有效的沟通

    Customers and prospects are all different and our ability to establish trust and build a relationship quickly is essential in solving their problems, 开发长期客户, and creating relationships based on loyalty beyond the product or service.


  • 突破你的舒适区

    Examine the idea of “comfort zones” – w在这里 do they come from and how can we break free to grow beyond them to reach a more fulfilling life, 无论是个人还是职业.


  • 提问技巧

    的 ability to craft and ask compelling questions is one of the greatest skills we can develop in customer service. 精心设计的问题可以穿透烟雾和镜子, 为客户澄清概念, 让我们快速直接地找到正确的解决方案.


  • 前期的合同

    Explore a simple methodology to put you in control of the conversation, 对双方都设定期望, 确保所有相关人员意见一致.


  • 电话及电邮沟通

    Review phone and email interactions and how we use them as our connection to customers. Focus on ensuring that our communication skills are building the relationships we value, 补充我们的销售策略, 而且从不妨碍我们在销售关系上的发展.


  • 成功的秘诀

    每个人对人生成功的定义都不一样. 然而, 在客户服务中有一些基本的真理, 如果坚持, 能让你更上一层楼吗.


  • 向上销售和交叉销售(PAIN)

    的 most important thing we can do for our prospects and customers is to provide them with the latest information, 的想法, and problem-solving tactics to help them uncover specific value adds and reasonable price points to aid them in making good buying decisions.


  • 了解我们的客户:DISC

    Typically, people are most comfortable interacting with those who are like them. 在本次会议上, we’ll examine different communication preferences to improve understanding and communication with both internal and external customers.  

  • 与难相处的人打交道

    How can we use proven 桑德勒 techniques to institute a step-by-step process to resolve conflict without escalating it, 与此同时, fix both the problem and the upset customer while maintaining our own confidence and self-esteem?


  • 了解我们的客户:交易分析

    Examine the idea of “comfort zones” – w在这里 they originate from and how we break free to try new things and grow beyond them for a more fulfilling life, 无论是个人还是职业. 


  • 通过销售开发客户

    Take a look at attitudes around sales and the selling process to examine ways we can develop a “sales antenna”. 一旦这些技能得到发展, we can easily recognize business opportunities worth pursuing while identifying and dis有资格ing the prospects that aren’t true opportunities.



的 journey to success starts w在这里 you are, and it starts today!